The Old Midwestern Barn

This painting was done by several participants at Respite Care Ministries in Charleston, SC. It was finished in early December. Five different painters worked on this, one at a time. I watched and guided (and planned the project from the beginning). It took only five sessions to complete.
No one seemed bothered that they had to use blue and purple to paint the snow. But when asked what color the snow was, each insisted that "Snow is white." We couldn't decide if it was early morning or late in the day in the photo we used for inspiration.
This was a fun project. The image may be used to make note cards to sell to raise funds for the programs, which serve people with memory loss and Parkinsons.

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Laura Stefanelli said...

This was a beautiful experience to watch as it unfolded in to a lovely piece of art. Nancy has the special ability to share expressions through art with people with Alzheimer's disease.