Daniel Island House

This pen & ink drawing, about 15" wide, is a bit too large to fit into my scanner, but most of it appears here. The home is estate-like, with a free-standing guest house.

We'll Always Have Paris

The young couple offered a black & white photo that they had taken of themselves near the Eiffel Tower. This is the resulting painting, which is done in acrylic on canvas and measures 16" x 20". Painting in black and white is probably more difficult than painting in color, because there are infinite shades of grey. I could mix a shade that looked just right on the brush and on the palette, but it might be way off when I applied it to the canvas. I am happy with the finished work, though... I hope that the young lovers will be pleased with it, too.

Relaxed and Happy

This portrait was done in acrylic on a canvas that measures 20" x 24". My client presented a favorite photo of her husband, but she requested a tropical setting with palms, beach and ocean. This worked because the inspiration photo had been taken outdoors on a sunny day.
I think she will be getting exactly what she wanted.


South Carolina Island Home, Custom Watercolor

This house is in a wooded setting on one of the coastal islands near Charleston, SC. The homeowner wanted a small watercolor painting to fit into a particular display area. I also made note cards for her with this image on them, which she likes a lot.
To do a house portrait, I visit the site to take photos (if possible). For a small matted painting, I charge $175-$200.