Why commission a portrait?

Five good reasons to commission a portrait: 
  •    Capture your child's sweetness before he or she gets any older.
  •    Create a portrait of "the way they were"-- Dig up that old photo... (See the example above.)
  •    Commemorate a special occasion or milestone.
  •    Freeze in time a beautiful image that will last for generations.
  •    Give a portrait as a gift.
The painting of Roger and Rodney, done in acrylic on an 12" x 12" canvas, was commissioned for a special occasion-- A milestone anniversary (60th!) soon to be celebrated by their parents.  The old photo that was provided by the client is somewhat damaged, but the cuteness of their faces shines through well enough to inspire a successful portrait. 

So-- Why have a portrait painted just for you?  All of the above!
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Courtyard Camellias

This painting was inspired by a photo I took, in February, of a camellia bush in the courtyard of St. Matthew's Church in Charleston, SC.  The composition of the photo was not very interesting, but cropping the image into a square made it more appealing to me.  I like all the diagonals that resulted.

a painting to remember a favorite vacation

This painting shows a moment in time from a young woman's trip to Spain-- specifically Plaza de Santa Ana in Madrid. She chose a favorite photo from her shots of that holiday. The painting is done in acrylic on an 18" x 24" canvas. What an excellent idea she had to remember an enjoyable trip this way. Sure, she bought some souvenirs, but they are small and most likely tucked away in a drawer. She can look at this scene every day.
This is probably the most detailed painting I have done!


Lowcountry Landscape: a different type of house portrait

This peaceful place is on the Stono River, about 18 miles from downtown Charleston, SC. In this acrylic-on-canvas landscape, the family home takes a secondary role; the water, woods, and marsh dominate the spotlight. The canvas measures 3ft by 2 ft. I painted this over a three-week period.