Hanna on the Beach

This is a different sort of portrait. The owner of Hanna wanted a lowcountry seascape-- with his German Shorthaired Pointer in it. He chose a pose from photos I took of Hanna. This painting is an acrylic on canvas and measures 14" x 18". Hanna loves being on the beach, so this is an appropriate setting for her portrait.


Wild and Gentle...

These paintings are not mine, but were created by participants at a respite care program for people with memory loss. I coordinated the projects, but the painting work is done by others. I plan, suggest, guide, and help mix the colors, but I leave the brushwork to the participants. As tempting as it is to "fix" a stroke of the brush, I refrain from doing that. The charm and "primative" look of the completed painting come from the quirks of each painter's individual mind and hand. The paintings will probably be auctioned at a fundraiser to benefit Quality Time Respite Care in Charleston, SC.


Child's portrait-- Hadley

This portrait is done in acrylic on canvas and measures 16" x 20." The background is a mix of blues, greys and beiges.
I have recorded all the measurements-- centimetres from top of head to chin, and so forth-- so that in a couple of years, and a few years after that, I can do matching paintings of Hadley's younger brother and sister when they reach age 5. Their mom is already thinking ahead-- What if her daughter has long hair and a bow on the top? I have planned space for that. The three are beautiful children and I look forward to painting the siblings.