Under the Sea

I did this painting for the bedroom of two sweet baby twin boys, Colton and Cooper.  They were born March 10.  Their parents decorated the bedroom with a fish/ocean theme and wanted a painting for the wall above the babie's cribs.  


Palmettos on the Beach

Aren't these palmettos cute against the little clouds, the ocean waves, and the golden sand? This is not my work but that of Arthur, Chuck, Betty C., Betty F., Bill, Alta Mae, Diane, Mildred, Naomi, and Shirley.  They are participants at Quality Time Respite Care in Charleston, where I volunteer about twice a month.  I provided the inspiration photo, suggested colors to use, and did a lot of hovering.  Two or three people painted at a time, during many sessions.  We used acrylics on canvas.  The work is large, about 4 feet wide by 3 feet tall.  The painting was finished on June 30.  I am looking forward to doing another painting with this group.  A smaller canvas would be a good idea, as some painters had a hard time reaching the center of the canvas while sitting.  Quality Time Respite Care offers a social activity time to people with memory loss while their care givers have a chance to do the things that they need to get done.