Marsh in Winter

This is a painting of the marsh behind my home. I like to capture the area when the tide is high, so that the pines are reflected in the water.


A grand Charleston house on South Battery

This beautiful old house was built circa 1770. The drawing was commissioned by the owners.

Two Churches

This is a small "postcard" painting, 5" x 7". The tower in the foreground belongs to the Unitarian Church on Archdale Street in Charleston, SC. The white steeple of St. John's Lutheran Church is seen farther back. The churches each have their own graveyards, with some markers dating back to the 1700s!

Stono River Marsh

This marsh is part of the Stono River, near Charleston. In the winter, the marsh grass turns a golden color. The trees are mainly tall southern pines. The colors in this painting are as rich as those in Marsh in Winter-- they just don't show up that way in the photo.

A Lowcountry Cottage

The drawing was commissioned as a gift to the owners.